Monday, November 3, 2008

Saturday Mom

It has been ages since i last post something on this dead blog of mine... hasn't been raining for like few weeks. Last Saturday, I decided to take a day off freelancing to help my mom out with her new found hobby. Ahem... Adducting wild puppies from their moms, bring them home and give them an anti flea bath... AND I AM THE RUNNER! bah... crap... have to run 3 pups home while being chased by their mom. It was dangerous and fun at the same time. Right, less crap. Pictures!

Woot, the pups ran for their mom's nipples as soon as i set them free.
*Note: Something is coming out of her ass*


deksuteru said...

What are you gonna do if the mom catches you?

cute pups though.

Ashed_Dreams said...

Erm... I duno... Run baby run, don't ever look back... return her pups i guess...