Monday, July 28, 2008

Night at Kampachi

One word to describe my dining experience at Kampachi: Excellent. Kampachi is located in first floor of the Equatorial Hotel. It's my aunt's birthday and she decided to spend me, my siblings and a few relatives a meal at Kampachi. Yes, couple of hours later i hurt my self badly. (last post)
LOL man, Donald Lim and Hishamudin (education minister) was there too when I'm having my meal. Hmm... So this is how they use up the tax payer's money eh? Yes dudes, food there is damn freaking expensive. The service charge alone is Rm 250.00. Seriously.

Sorry for the poor picture quality cuz i don't have a good camera. This is me infront of Kampachi.
Master Philip dishing out our meals
This baby is around 30 cm in length. My oh my... that's a freaking huge prawn.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Oh my god!

LOL!!OMG!!! This is what happen when you drop a powered drill on your "little brother". I didn't noticed that I'm bleeding until my dad yield at me: "Oh look! your virginia is bleeding!" (for god's sake i'm a guy) Yeah, right. nothing was cracked or rendered unusable. Damn... My dad can crack some in-decent jokes at times like this.

我不小心把电钻掉在我的春带上. 幸好没爆蛋.

My pants

The towel i use to hold the bleed while i make my way to the first aid box.

Monday, July 7, 2008

重整 Restructure

Well, I just realized that I've been posting crap here for the past few months. I'm planing to restructure this crappy blog of mine, so I deleted most of the post i made for the past few months... With tons of assing asses killing me, i'll try to put up the new layout asap.

咳...,我发现到我过去数个月的 Post 都废废低,很傻嗨。我打算重整这个半废的部落格,所以我删除了大部分过去数个月的 Post。好吧...会尽快把新的 Layout 放上来.

Anyway, before i go off; a little something for you guys: The overlord.