Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ready, Steady, Go!

If you are reading this post right now, I would like to say: "Congratulations, you had survived a Japanese game show! year 2008!!! Are you ready for year 2009?"

Well... Before saying goodbye to year 2008, I did myself a favor, I settle down in front of my brother's pc and asked myself how do I personally feel about the year 2008. Dudes, seriously... join me, spare yourself 20 minutes in front of your computer to blog about all the good and bad things that happened to you during the year 2008, and finally share your new year resolutions.

As mentioned by Linus in his post, I have to agree that it's always nice to have some time to sit back and reflect before kicking off again. Heh... year 2008 was a very rough year for me... and I think I acted like an ass throughout the whole year... and I'm very sorry about it dudes. I owe DG an apology and a big thanks. Thanks and sorry dude.


Well, here are the best things that happened to me during the year 2008:

- I got my first Daily Deviation on =D

- I really enjoy shooting the crap out of each other with Amlers during Sept 12

- Kim, DG, Munster and Darren got me hooked into photography.

- It was my pleasure meeting Linus, Dennis and their dumb ass gang. Thank you guys for opening my eyes to videography.

- Dec 30 was one of the best day in my life. Get to enjoy watching good friends getting their crappiest christmas gifts in their lifetime. (cooking oil!!! WTF!!!)

And, the worst things that happened to me during the year 2008:

- The beginning of year 2008 is already very rough for me. Unfinished business brought over from the year 2007 are still haunting me till this moment.

- My pc blew up countless times throughout the whole year which annoys me a lot.

- My relationship with YY stays as complicated and confusing as before, until i can't tell what are we now. My focus would still shatters when I think of her sometimes. I missed her... First cut is the deepest. I think I lost YY :*(

- I don't remember being productive for the whole year. I didn't manage to dish out any new flash techniques or movies.

As for the year 2009... here are my new year resolutions:

- The first thing i would like to do during the year 2009 would be to beef up myself and quit being a looser.

- Get myself an intermediate photography set (D90, SB-800, Nikon 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G ED-IF AF-S DX VR II, Benro carbon tripod with ball head)

- Get a Wacom or bamboo

- Renew my faith in life, get a girl. (or get her back... i miss her)

- Get more money.

- Graduate college the American Pie way (hopefully)

Happy New Year people!


Ah Fish said...

i must say tat get touched by ur words, many things happened in 2008, mixed feeling, one of the luckiest things for me, is b a part of AMLer for sure =)

happy New Year, cheers bro =)

Ashed_Dreams said...

Cheers man! :*D tears of joy.

Thanks dude... Happy new year!

deksuteru said...


The Bamboo IS a Wacom.