Saturday, June 27, 2009

Reanimated 3

Last night was a rough night for me (and all of my neighbors i believe), as our beloved KTM was maintaining their tracks from 2am till 4:30 am. I have to agree with the fact that Henry is quite gifted in terms of scripting and programing... he manage to pull off a beta version of the map editor in less than 2 days from scratch! Besides that, the map editor of generating or read from existing map files which is pretty cool. Well, we r planing to have the engine and map editor to be released to the public after we're done with it. Hope that this would save your game design assignment's asses.
As for me, I didn't made too much progress... Just a better set of sprite tiles.

1 comment:

deksuteru said...

I demand that you make it 3D.

Like Warcraft 3 is good enough.