Thursday, October 22, 2009


Noob shirt

Wow... What the fuck?!? Hmmm... That's odd, i don't remember selling my piece of artwork to any company. I think I can tell that I'm too happy about this. I don't know if i should take legal action against them... kinda broke currently, can't afford any lawyers... Its quite sad to know that this kind of unethical people still exist.

I mean its not fair for me, you are making tons of greens over there out of my art, and i'm sitting here getting nothing... Fucking pissed.


deksuteru said...

who is the company selling them?

send them a cease and desist email or they will be hearing from your attorney.

セレス said...

you should really accuse them of their's ur original work and they're selling it without ur permission =/..btw, love ur typography potrait of Utada =)