Sunday, July 27, 2008

Oh my god!

LOL!!OMG!!! This is what happen when you drop a powered drill on your "little brother". I didn't noticed that I'm bleeding until my dad yield at me: "Oh look! your virginia is bleeding!" (for god's sake i'm a guy) Yeah, right. nothing was cracked or rendered unusable. Damn... My dad can crack some in-decent jokes at times like this.

我不小心把电钻掉在我的春带上. 幸好没爆蛋.

My pants

The towel i use to hold the bleed while i make my way to the first aid box.


HuonHengChai said...

that's why I always say "Always Wear Protection" :P

Ashed_Dreams said...

Yeah man. Have to agree with that. Now i work with a hard cover book on my laps man.