Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tools of Trade

Some random pics i used in my assignment. Crappy sense of photography i have.


Some of you guys might want to know, what is it like living life as a loner? It depends on the situation, seriously. Most of the time i prefer working alone because I feel that I have more sense of control over my own work. After all, you are the producer, director, the crew and the actor. You can go all-out on your stuff because you have nothing to loose when you are a loner.

Heh, most of the times I hate my self for being a loner. You don't care for anybody and nobody cares for you. People only come to you when they need your help, you just fade away when you are not need anymore. Sometimes I really hope that there would be a place or at least someone I can turn to when I'm down. God damnit... Fucking tired of life.

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