Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What are you fighting for?

Heh... It's been raining 6 days in a role. Yesterday night was a damn cold night, getting my ass kicked by CnC3 KW hard AIs. WTF?!?! LOL!!!

yesterday noon, right after the rain.
yesterday midnight, it rained again... Technically its 3 am this morning.

Enough of crap, have you ever asked yourself what are you actually fighting for and why? Are you aware of what are you currently doing and ready to face the consequences? Your life is the result of your your own decision. And my life is a mess because I took too many wrong turns... And I'm facing the consequences now. Well, always know your limits and don't push yourself forward too much at a time.


Muhammad Nazeef said...

what am i fighting for?
1.myself family future

cliche..but thats really it..

nice blog btw~

Ashed_Dreams said...

Thanks alot for dropping by dude. Almost the same things we are fighting for. But then sometimes things just went out of our control.