Saturday, August 23, 2008

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Wow... It has been raining 3 days in a role! This pic was taken moments right before the sky pours down yesterday. Pretty nice sky without haze. Boy, I fucking miss those blue skies.
哇... 连续三天下大雨! 这是昨天还没下雨拍的. 咳... 好怀念没有烟雾的天空.

Did this logo for my mother's friend that is planing to start a tea flavor based taiwanese milk shake business. Do tell me what u guys think. (CC)
这是帮我老母的一个朋友做的, 她要开始一个台湾珍珠奶茶生意. 让我知道你们觉得这 logo 怎么样.

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