Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Good bye sweet 2013

I missed Blogging as a hobby. Now that i am mostly on Facebook, It has been 2 years 6 days since i last posted on this blog. Looking back at 2013, I felt that it was one of my best year. I don't think i hit any of my goals i set for myself back at the end of 2011, yet I feel sort of great about myself. I came to a realization that time you enjoy wasting is not wasted.

Near the end of 2012, I found this amazing person. I think this person is the best thing to happen to me whole of 2013. We shared lots of ups and downs in a short one year period. Not much to elaborate... I love you dear. <3

Nothing special about work life, I sort of missed the opportunity to join an air asia commercial filming. I sort of missed hiking, deep in my heart I hope that the trail trekkers will come together again for epic hiking adventures. It is sad that Flash has become an obsolete technology.

I should revive this blog... Make this sort of like a place where people can share prop building methods, etc etc.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Armored Ascension

Sometimes I find it difficult to juggle all my hobbies around. 24 hours a day is just not enough. Didn't really cared to update my dead blog since my last post... 11 months and 26 days ago?

I'm entering the fourth year of making my own set of cosplay armor. Hell... After 3 years in the making, i only manage to finish up to 30% of the whole thing. Makes me feel horrible every time i saw another fellow cosplayer debuting in their own set of armor. Now that I am building my armor during the weekends, I rarely get the chance to go freelancing. Glad that i don't go clubbing, otherwise i would be financially fucked up beyond all recognition... Heh.

Everything started as a dream 3 years ago after addicted playing Monster Hunter 2G on the PSP. I learned that if you don't pursue your dream, it will always remain a dream. But, trying to live up to a dream that is over ambitious is also a burden. I'm not happy with how things are right now. 3 years is a bit too long until sometimes i wish that when i wake up in the morning, my armor would magically complete itself. Fiberglass is not the easiest thing to work with specially with the wrong kind of glass wool. Build a set of monster hunter armor is not THAT complicated, just very time consuming... since you can find all sorts of tutorials online by entering the right search query. Life is always trying to make things worst by getting in my way to complete my armor. Scumbag life.

If i have to build another set of armor, I'll try my best to avoid building any fantasy medieval related armor. Bah... enough whining.

There are lots of way out there to build a set of costume armor, for instance: fiberglass, art/ craft foam, cardboard, leather, latex and steel. Most cosplayers I know choose to build their armors from art foam because art foam could be easily shaped and sculpted, light weight, doesn't break easily and one of the fastest way to build a set of armor. I choose to build my armor from Pepakura and fiberglass which I've learn on Building a set of medieval armor is quite different from a scifi armor because there are quite a number of small details on medieval armors I have to figure out myself.

Friday, December 31, 2010

The Boy, The Sword and The Webblog

This is my first blog post in 10 months, last blog post of 2010. Too busy building props i guess... Didn't blogged for too long... don't really know how to blog anymore. Looking back at 2010, are you happy with how you spend your year? I'm unable to reach any of the goals I set for myself at the start of 2010... At least i am able to "Get myself an intermediate photography set"; a goal I set for myself at the start of 2009! Ending 2010 with lots of regrets.

It's nice spare yourself some time to sit back and reflect the year that was before starting off with the next year. Before sharing my resolutions for 2011, I would like to reflect the year 2010.

I injured my kneecap during the 4th quarter of the year. I lived like a cripple for about a month. I don't enjoy living like that... It gets very frustrated when you are not able to make it for the lifts, all the small little things in life and to have other people looking at you differently. Made a promise to myself to not laugh at handicaps unless the damage is self-inflicted by some stupid unimaginable ways, so stupid that it couldn't be classed as stupid anymore. Love your legs, do not hop your way downhill. Warm up exercise is very important before you start any of your adventure trips. Proper footwear is very important.

Constructed my first prop for cosplay. Prop building was never easy work... Especially when you are over ambitious. Its not easy handling fiberglass...

Glad that people around me are supportive of this pet project. I'm pretty happy with the finished product. Ladies and Gentlemen, Redwing (炎剣リオレウス)from Monster Hunter 2g.

Learned that producing decent outdoor pre-wedding photography is no easy job for noobs.

If you have low alcohol tolerance, don't drink if you can't drink. Hangover is horrible. "I'm not drunk, my world is just shaky" - Sum

I think that my 2010 is a great year... could have been better... great but full of regrets. I think this is pretty much it... Have you decided your year 2010 resolutions yet? I'll share my new year resolutions here, and hopefully you will share yours too.

- Beef up more... 10kgs is just not enough. I set my aim at 60kgs, but hopefully i will reach at least 55kgs

- Improve myself, be a better person.

- Complete my armor, debut my first cosplay.