Friday, October 30, 2009

Lata Kedondong

Its been quite awhile since I last ventured into the wilderness. I was quite busy dealing with freelance stuff for the past few weeks. Kinda makes me miss the wilds a lot... PhotobucketOn October 25th 2009, 7 guys, 1 girl and 1 dog left TTDI around 7:30 am for Lata Kedondong. Lata Kedondong is located alongside the road from Batang Kali to Gohtong Jaya in the Genting Highlands. N 03 25.82' E 101 43.86'. There is a lower falls 5 minutes away from the car park which is easily accessible by everyone... To reach the upstream falls, one must trek 45 minutes pass a bamboo forest. I have to admit that i'm actually treking like a wuss this trip (kinda creeped by Eddie and his tiger leech sucking off someone's balls story). The upstream falls of Lata Kedondong is pretty unexploited, you will actually need a machete to clear the path... cool huh? Some sort of rainbow thing is visible at the upstream falls around 9:30~11:00 am. PhotobucketPhotobucket
The water there is freezing cold, but for some unknown reasons its also one hell of murky. I didn't get to take a good shoot at the upstream falls due that area being all time foggy/ misty. PhotobucketI didn't went up to the Upper-tier-falls as I'm too chickened to do so... There are quite a fair amount of wildlife in that area... Tiger leeches (fanged worm-leeches), tree frogs, and various insects. Heh... We also found a Genting Highlands road sign rammed down by some drunken driver. PhotobucketThat's all for now i guess... Peace... I think i did something wrong right before we left Lata Kedondong... I mean really wrong...

All the single ladies, that part covered by the genting highlands sign is actually GENTING HIGHLANDS... Woot! GG!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Noob shirt

Wow... What the fuck?!? Hmmm... That's odd, i don't remember selling my piece of artwork to any company. I think I can tell that I'm too happy about this. I don't know if i should take legal action against them... kinda broke currently, can't afford any lawyers... Its quite sad to know that this kind of unethical people still exist.

I mean its not fair for me, you are making tons of greens over there out of my art, and i'm sitting here getting nothing... Fucking pissed.