Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tabur East

My first hike up Tabur East is also my first hike this new year... The terrain features here on Tabur East is quite similar to Tabur West. Just that the trail now is much longer, steeper, much dangerous and filled with more awesomeness.

The trip was delayed more than 45 minutes because of me... so, I had to buy lunch for the group... Ouch... Still, lucky for me that we are hiking in a small group. Beginners are not advised to trek/ hike here without a guide. The trail up there is very quite straight forward, 1 way up and the same way down. I seriously fail to understand how some hikers still manage to get themselves lost from some reports. The starting point of the trail is less than 10 minutes drive away from Tabur West. This trip for me is relaxing, we took our time camwhoring and raining shit death from above. That's why it took our group around 2 hours from the foothills to the last peek... Photobucket From the first peek, you'll get a good view of the Klang gates and Tabur west. From the 2nd peak... I can't actually disscribe it with words... due to my very limited vocabulary... The view from up there is so awesome that it revitalizes you.
There is a river at the foothills where you can wash yourself after the hike. Its a good spot to try out your macro lens capabilities.
Dear hikers, please do not leave your food wrappers on the mountain. There are rubbish bins at the foothills for you to dispose your trash. If you happen to know the names of these dragonflies, do let me know.More Tabur East stuff here.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Looking back at 2009...

Its damn awesome to blog in the middle of the night while having chicken curry served with white bread and at the same time its raining outside. 2009 is finally over after 365 long days... Looking back at 2009, are you happy with how you spend your year? Regrets? I have plenty of regrets... too many to mention... Heh... there are lots of things I should have put in more effort to do back there. I feel sad because i only get to partially fulfill one of my 5 targets i set for myself at the start of year 2009. I have to admit I was not being productive throughout the year 2009... Photobucket
However there are also some stuff I never regret picking up... Thinking of last year's best moments makes me smile and lightens me a little. Well, whats done is done... can't really change the past...

hardcore butterfly porn
Have you decided your year 2010 resolutions yet? I'll share my new year resolutions here, and hopefully you will share yours too.
- Beef up
- Improve myself, be a better person.

Good night...