Sunday, February 21, 2010


Should have put this up 2 (+2) weeks ago. I took my occasionally smart siblings and cousin up to Tabur west for what-supposedly-be-a-short-hike. (turned up to be not-a-short-hike.) Photobucket
Just like most of my previous hikes up Tabur... Waking up early, give everybody a wake-up call, take a simple breakfast, double check all my gears, and off we go! Well... Its not an easy job guiding first timers up Tabur... especially my cousin and my sister. There will be a "Are we there yet?", "How about now?", "I want to go home" at least once every 5 to 10 minutes Bummer.

But still, THANK GOD in the end both of them finished the hike and made it back to the car in one complete piece!!! Phew~ I am so glad that nothing screwed up. Photobucket That's all for today i guess. More stuff here.